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Brasil Style Jewelry

Ola-Brasil will be offering its women's exotic jewelry accessory collection which includes leather handbags and beautiful beaded and organic jewelry infused with natural leathers and stones reminiscent of the very shores they hail from. Bijoux literally means 'bead' and refers to the creative style of Brazil jewelry.

Handmade bijoux originated in France, but migrated to Brazil where it blossomed into a cultural phenomenon.

There it became much more than just handmade bijoux reproductions of traditional jewelry designs.

Rather, in the hands of local craftsmen, handmade bijoux developed into a form of self expression where the utilization of raw materials found locally were intermingled with hand woven leathers and cottons to create stunning exotic jewelry and objects of beauty.

These raw materials include stones, metals, beads, polished glass, and even organic material such as dried seeds and grasses from the Amazon River Basin.

Together, these elements are combined to form interesting handmade bijoux design combinations which incorporate to become patterns which acknowledge the rich Latin American cultures of the Mayans and Incas.

"People, many times ask, 'What a nice piece of jewelry, where did you get that?' and when replied, 'It's from Brazil,' and they reply, 'Oh, it had to be from Brazil! That's why it's so nice! We can't find anything like this here!'"

Rio de Janeiro is the fashion hotbed and birthplace of Ola-Brasil Design.

Known for its sensuality and sexy sophistication, the rich Brazilian culture combines handmade bijoux jewelry into some of the most beautiful and fashionable women's accessory creations in the world from leather handbags to beautiful costume beaded jewelry. Whatever the design, Brazilian bijoux is always injected with a modern sense of flare.

The handmade antique jewelry, although new gives the impression of being vintage heirloom jewelry, that has been preserved and passed down for generations. Monica explains that the citizens of Rio de Janeiro are called 'Cariocas' and are hailed, among Brazilians as the most laid-back, fun-loving people on Earth.

"Nobody stays home on Friday night after work," "A Carioca's lifestyle is to work very hard during the day, but to stay out joking, laughing, drinking, dancing and singing all night long."

She also explains that Brazilian handmade bijoux decorate the wrists and necks of the popular and beautiful people that populate the many streets, beaches and clubs of Rio.

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